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What is it?

A Penis extender is one of the safest and most efficient Penis enlargement device on the market today. The Extenders are very easy to use and were designed to fit everyone. It will safely elongate and enlarge your penis to its maximum capacity through the constant tension created by wearing the device. The results are permanent.

Stretching consists of attaching a penis stretcher or "extender" device to the penis for set periods of time. The device exerts a constant traction on the penis, lengthens and widens the penis. The traction causes the cells in the penis to "split" and then reform and expand. Several doctors have begun endorsing and prescribing them to patients who suffer emotionally from having a small penis, a curved penis (a.k.a. Peyronie's disease) and even impotence. Extenders are the best alternative to expensive and dangerous penile surgeries.

Penis traction systems, while relatively new in the U.S., are more established in Europe and are accepted there as a mainstream treatment option. The widespread interest in the use of traction devices to increase penis size in the U.S. is likely due to the affordability of the newer models coming on to the market. As well as being less expensive, the newer machines are discreet, and can often be worn under everyday clothing. A Penis extender is the best tool for penis augmentation that you'll ever find! Enjoy our website and thanks for your interest.