Urethral Sounds and Dilators :

Stainless Steel Vibrating Sound

Searching for a psychologically entertaining experience? The urethral sound that vibrates! One AAA battery can begin to take you on the ride of your life. Just over 7 inches long, an insertable length of 4.25 inches, and about .25 inches wide. There is a screw on the end which turns the vibration on and off and can also adjust speeds.

Vibrating Urethral Sound Medium Size Only $59.99


Also available on X-Large

  • 1.375 inches in circumference at the tip and .875 inches in circumference at the shaft.
  • Total length of 15 inches with an insertable length of 12 inches.
  • Requires one AAA battery, not included
Vibrating Urethral Sound XLARGE Size Only $129.99

Vibrating Urethral Sound With Ball Tip

  • Material: Medical steel
  • Length: 210mm
  • Insertable: 130mm
  • Thickness: 8mm Thickness of ball: 10mm
Vibrating Sound w/ Ball Tip Only $79.99

Urethral Dilator - Stepper

This urethral dilator /widener is produced from solid, medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish. Manufactured using CNC techniques
The Stepper has a length of approx. 150 mm (6") and increases in diameter from 6.0 mm to 7.5 mm, to 9.0 mm, to 10.5 mm and 12.5 mm. It's the ideal training device to prepare you for even larger sounds.

Min. diameter = 1/4 inch
Max. diameter = 1/2 inch
Stepper Dilator Only $59.99

Urethral Dilator - Rider

Made of medical grade stainless steel, this is a wand that many experienced customers have asked for. The Rider Training Wand gets gradually thicker the more you push it in. With a hole through the center, this cock stuffer will allow you to have an intense urination or ejaculation. A well respected lubricant will make insertion easier.

Dimensions by sample:
Overall Length: 140mm (5.5 inches)
Seven Step Diameters: 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm, 10mm, 10.5mm and 11mm

Rider Dilator Only $59.99

Urethral Dilator - Dipstick

The Dipstick is made from surgical stainless steel. With ribs on the dipstick, your urethra will open and close as the dilator slides back and forth. 240mm long, with 3 diameters available - 8, 10 and 12mm

dipstick 8mm Only $59.99

Dipstick 10mm Only $69.99

Dipstick 12mmOnly $79.99

Prinzmaster Flex Catheter Dilator

For those who prefer a flexible insertable catheter, here's the Prizmaster!

1) Material: stainless steel, medical plastic tube
2) Size: 25mm and 30mm diameter 2 pieces circular ring
3) catheter diameter 8mm = 0.32" (stainless steel part)

Medical Plastic pipe diameter 6mm, plastic tube length 80mm
Prinzmaster Flex Catheter Only $69.99

________________________________________________ Cock Stopper Penis Plug

This is a 9mm Penis Plug with central hole which holds you open - you can cum or pee without having to remove it.

This penis plug is made of medical grade stainless steel. This tool was designed with a tapered tip that gradually grows in diameter to a max of 9mm. It then shrinks to 6mm.

With an insertable length of 47mm, this design helps prevent slipping and sliding. The end of the plug has a stopper disc along with a central hole for cumming and pissing.

Maximum insertable diameter: 9mm
Minimum insertable diameter: 5.5mm
Insertable length: 47mm

Cock Stopper Penis Plug Only $69.99


Steel Customized Urethra Plug

Steel Customized Urethra Plug is plausibly built with top grade high strength stainless steel. All parts are carefully scrutinized and polished for perfection. Each joint can be bent in any direction according to your will.

Standard length: 200mm (insertable)
Diameter: 8mm
Diameter of the biggest sphere: 15mm.
Prince Albert stick: 4mm or 6mm. 
Prince Albert small ball diameter: 8mm or 10mm.
Material: surgical grade stainless steel

Customized Penis Plug Only $89.99


Mini Vibro Penis Plug

Urethral play is REALLY hot right now. This is because of the endless sensitivity; with nerves being stroked this is a sure way to find the maximum plug and play experience. Some of the designers decided to find a vibrator the size of one from a mobile phone, and inserted this inside of the penis plug. This tool is very strong and intense, so it is not recommended for beginners.

This cock stuffer is also waterproof; so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with the Mini Vibro.

Insert max. diameter = 8 mm , Battery and Velvet pouch included !

Mini Vibro Plug Only $79.99


Sprinkler Penis Plug

The ultimate addition to anyone who's into Water Sports.  The Sprinkler Penis Plug.  Let the showers begin.  We will leave the uses and possibilities up to your imagination.  Made from medical grade stainless steel.

Insert Max. diameter = 8mm
Ball size diameter = 18mm

Sprinkler Plug Only $69.99


Hegar Urethral Sound Set

The Hegar Sound Set is a dilator that includes 8 sounds. Each sound has different sizes on either end (2), totaling 16 sizes. This set is ranging from 3 french to 18 french. This dilator will gradually enlarge your urethra. The set of sounds can be inserted into many other areas for a great sensation. Velvet cases will hold your toys for you between sessions.

Hegar Dilators set of 8 Only $89.99



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